Management Information System (MIS)

G-Sentry (Pvt) Ltd is a specialized firm that has expertise in developing Management Information Systems (MIS) for businesses. We provide custom-built MIS systems that can help organizations to control information overload by managing detailed facts and providing clarity in data. Our MIS solutions can help to measure employee performance and enable decision-making on organizational plans, detecting problems and coordinating the users to enable them to respond to problems promptly. We offer support to businesses in building business-specific MIS applications based on their organizational needs to provide reports to managers in customized formats which are most appropriate for their specific use. Our MIS solutions help in the planning and controlling decision-making at the management level. We develop MIS systems that are adaptable and flexible, allowing individual parts to be independently upgraded without making any disruption to the entire system as a whole.

Management Information System (MIS) for Western Province Council

G-Sentry (Pvt) Ltd developed a Management Information System (MIS) for the Western Province Government in Sri Lanka, which mapped a database of 88,000 government servants. The MIS provided an efficient and effective way to manage and track employee details, including pension eligibility, promotions, transfers, and other important information. The system was designed to be user-friendly and provided easy access to data for the concerned authorities. This MIS has revolutionized the way government employees' data is managed and has made it easier for the government to make informed decisions on human resource management.

Proposed Systems and solutions

This system was developed to manage human resource management more efficiently using. By way of implementing a system the Western Province (WP) can get rid of the difficult task of creating employee-related documents manually. This can reduce the operational costs substantially and the human resource managers and their subordinates are able to save a lot of time. This project proposal covers fallowing modules;

  • a. Human Resource Management
  • b. Document Management system
  • c. Project Management Information system
  • d. Process Management Information System
  • e. Asset Management Information System
  • f. Financial Management Information System
  • g. Fleet Management System
  • h. Complaint Management Information System
  • i. Revenue Collection Information System

Use Cases – Learning Management System (LMS) for Sanic college

The LMS development includes student assessments, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), which have been highly beneficial in streamlining the grading process. The system has also enabled us to track the progress of individual students, allowing us to identify areas where students may need additional support and intervention. One of the most impressive features of the LMS is its ability to handle any number of registrations. This has been highly beneficial for Sanic College, as it has enabled to accommodate a larger number of students than we were previously able to handle. This feature has also helped to save time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on manual registration processes. The LMS developed by G-Sentry has been a game-changer for Sanic College. Its modern features, advanced organization capabilities, student assessment tools, and registration management have helped us to improve the learning experience for our students and faculty members.

Use Cases – Over Time Duty management system for Sri Lanka Port Authority

The Over Time (OT) Duty Management System developed for the Port Authority, Sri Lanka is an innovative solution designed to help the Sri Lanka Port Authority manage their OT times, allocations, and duty orders more efficiently. The system is designed to simplify the process of managing OT work and help the organization save time and resources. One of the key benefits of our OT Duty Management System is that it allows the Sri Lanka Port Authority to manage OT work orders easily and effectively. The system enables the authority to allocate work orders to the relevant employees and manage them through an automated process. This feature helps the authority to save time and reduce the risk of errors that can occur during manual processes.

Another key benefit of our system is that it allows for better management of OT times. Our system has an automated time tracking feature that enables the authority to track the hours worked by employees, which can help to avoid over or under payment of wages. This feature helps the authority to save money and reduce the risk of payroll errors. Our OT Duty Management System also allows for easy management of duty orders. The system has a feature that allows employees to view their duty orders and make changes as necessary. This feature ensures that employees are aware of their duties and helps to reduce confusion and miscommunication within the organization.

In summary, our OT Duty Management System is an efficient and effective solution for the Sri Lanka Port Authority to manage their OT work orders, times, and duty orders. The system is designed to simplify the management process, reduce errors, save time and resources, and improve communication within the organization. Our team has developed a comprehensive solution that meets the specific needs of the Sri Lanka Port Authority and we are confident that it will be of great benefit to their operations.