Ecommerce Platform

At G-Sentry (Pvt) Ltd, we specialize in developing high-quality e-commerce platforms that enable businesses to sell their products and services online. Our team of experienced developers work closely with our clients to create customized e-commerce solutions that meet their specific business needs and goals. We have a proven track record of delivering successful e-commerce platforms for clients in various industries and designed user-friendly and intuitive, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience that encourages them to make purchases.

We use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that our e-commerce platforms are fast, secure, and reliable, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their platforms are optimized for search engines and designed to maximize conversions and sales. Our e-commerce platform development services include

Shopping Cart: This allows customers to add products to their cart and make purchases.

Payment Gateway: This is a secure payment processing system that allows customers to pay for their purchases using credit cards, debit cards, or other payment methods.

Order Management System: This allows businesses to manage their orders, track inventory, and fulfill customer orders.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This enables businesses to manage customer information, track customer interactions, and provide personalized customer service.

Product Catalog: This is a database of products that businesses can add, update, and manage.

Search and Navigation: This allows customers to search for products and navigate through the e-commerce site easily.

Analytics and Reporting: This provides businesses with insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and other important metrics to inform decision-making.

Whether you are a small business looking to establish an online presence or a large corporation looking to expand your e-commerce operations, we can customize these components to meet the specific needs of our clients and provide them with a robust and reliable e-commerce platform that supports their business growth and success.

Functions and features
  • Add/ Remove/Edit functions
  • Cross-sells, Up-sells, and Related Items
  • Filter by Product Tags
  • Product Reviews
  • Product listing in grid or list format
  • Batch Import and Export of catalog
  • Simple, Configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.), Bundled, and Grouped Products
  • Customer Personalized Products
  • With the proximity, customer group, and product type
  • Spatial location Database (GIS)
  • User management
  • Attribute Sets for quick product creation of different item types
  • Approve, Edit, and Delete Product Tags
  • Product Image Zoom-in Capability
  • Stock Availability
  • Automated transportation management system
  • Integrated SMS getaway and payment getaway system

Use Cases - MyMarket

Lanka Agri Produce Management Corporation (LAPMC) is interested in having an integrated e-commerce trading platform. This trading platform is high feature-rich Open source shopping cart application with support for customers shop owners and transportation. This is an application where everything is online.

Features to be developed
  • 1. Customer Login page
  • 2. Forget password
  • 3. New customer registration
  • 4. Google Login
  • 5. Shop and transporter registration request
  • 6. Home page – Shops display, Shopping, Profile, Hot Deals, Offers
  • 7. Profile, Purchasing history, News, Personal details(Can be edited), Logout, Etc..)
  • 8. Display shops nearby (Within 5KM – This can be changed from time to time)
  • 9. Display shop main category
  • 10. Display Shop sub-category
  • 11. Select items to the cart
  • 12. Automatically calculate the price according to the weight
  • 13. Select delivery address
  • 14. Close the bill (Total price with transportation calculation)
  • 15. Global payment getaway/ Cash on delivery
  • 16. Notification (Order ready, Order pickup, Doorstep)
  • 17. Transporter tracking displays when the request
  • 18. Rate (Shop, transporter)
  • 19. Group chat, Invitation to Phone book contacts
  • 20. A real-time news feed ((Text line)
  • 21. Admin panel (web application to manage Mobile app Add, delete, etc..)
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Use Cases - Picasso

At G-Sentry (Pvt) Ltd, we were approached by Picasso Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, a Sri Lankan-based company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of fashion accessories, to develop a custom trading platform for their business. The objective was to create a user-friendly platform that would allow Picasso Lanka to sell their products directly to customers online, without the need for intermediaries. The platform would also streamline the ordering and fulfillment process, making it faster and more efficient for both customers and the company. Our team of expert developers worked closely with Picasso Lanka to understand their specific business needs and requirements. We developed a fully customized trading platform that was tailored to their unique needs, including features such as product catalogs, shopping carts, secure payment gateways, order management systems, and more.

The platform was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a modern and attractive interface that would appeal to customers. We also integrated a back-end console to manage front-end activities and advanced analytics and reporting features to provide valuable insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and other key metrics. The end result was a highly successful trading platform that allowed Picasso Lanka to significantly increase their online sales and expand their customer base. The platform also helped to streamline their internal processes, reducing costs and improving overall efficiency. At G-Sentry (Pvt) Ltd, we are committed to delivering high-quality trading platforms that help businesses achieve their goals and grow their online presence.

    1. • Trading Web application
    2. • Home Page – Product Category, Product sub-category, Flash screen, an Information window
    3. • Product information window – Individual product description
    4. • Cart – Cash on delivery
    5. • FaceBook – Create FB to market the products
    6. • Instagram - Create FB to market the products
  • Web Application –
    1. Developed and complete the web application down to cash-on-delivery
  • Back End –
    1. • Order received
    2. • Current Stock
    3. • Ready to ship
    4. • Order history
    5. • Reject orders
    6. • Add new stock
    7. • Item price change

Use Cases - AgriMark system for Agriculture Ministry Western Province

At G-Sentry (Pvt) Ltd, we were tasked with developing a custom e-commerce platform for the Agriculture Ministry of Western Province, Sri Lanka. The objective was to create a platform that would enable farmers to sell their products directly to customers online, thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries and improving efficiency in the agriculture industry. Our team of expert developers worked closely with the Agriculture Ministry to understand their specific business needs and requirements. We developed a feature-rich open-source shopping cart application that was customized to meet the unique needs of the agriculture industry, with features such as customer support, stock management, and a GIS-based farmer database.

The platform was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a modern and attractive interface that would appeal to customers. We also integrated advanced GIS features that allowed farmers to showcase the location of their products and enabled customers to locate and purchase products from nearby farms. In addition, we developed a comprehensive farmer database that enabled the Agriculture Ministry to collect and manage critical data such as crop yields, soil quality, and irrigation patterns. This data was used to inform policy decisions and improve farming practices in the Western Province.

The end result was a highly successful e-commerce platform that has helped to modernize the agriculture industry in the Western Province and improve efficiency for farmers and customers alike. At G-Sentry (Pvt) Ltd, we are committed to delivering custom e-commerce solutions that help businesses and government entities achieve their goals and improve their online presence. This is an application where everything is online.

    1. a. Mobile App
    2. b. Web application
    3. c. Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products
    4. d. Static Block category landing pages
    5. e. Configurable search and dropdowns
    6. f. Recently viewed products
    7. g. New promotions
    8. h. Photo Cresol for advertisement
    9. i. Product comparisons
    10. j. Add new Shop/ Store
    11. k. Manage Client base
    12. l. Spatial database management
    13. m. Registration (Transporter, Client, Shop owner)
    14. n. Root optimization
    15. o. News feed
    16. p. Push notification
    17. q. Chat box

This e- Commerce’s platform consisting with 4 applications, it include;

    1. a. Customer Trading Mobile application (Android)
    2. b. Stock management Web application
    3. c. Master Admin panel with statistical analysis
    4. d. GIS base Farm/ Farmer management